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Punishment of Chief Architect of False Spy Case Demanded in S. Korea
Pyongyang, March 14 (KCNA) -- The Emergency Situation Council to Denounce IS Interference in Presidential Election for Political Operation held a candlelight action in Seoul on March 11. It condemned the fabrication by the Intelligence Service (IS), according to the south Korean internet paper Voice of People.

Speakers there recalled that IS, which had been engrossed in red herrings during the "presidential election," cooked up a spy case this time, sparking public uproar.

Though the present chief executive expressed her regret at the behavior of IS, she should have made an apology to the people and promised to fire the IS director.

They went on:

The promise made by the chief executive to probe the truth behind the recent case is just the same as what she uttered when IS interference in the election was disclosed. However, the result was not probe into the truth but disorganization of the special investigation team responsible for the case.

They demanded that the truth behind the fabricated spy case be probed without fail and its mastermind be punished.

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