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Performances Given by Art Squads of KPA Units
Pyongyang, March 13 (KCNA) -- Performances were given at the Mansudae Art Theatre on Wednesday and Thursday by the art squads of the units of the Korean People's Army that proved successful at the 1st contest among art squads of the KPA.

Put on the stage were such numbers of diverse genres as chorus "Might of Korea", poem recital "Tell, Mt. Taedok, famous mountain for Songun", female quartet "Our dear supreme commander".

The performers sang high praises of Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un, a great man who has developed the KPA into President Kim Il Sung's and leader Kim Jong Il's invincible revolutionary army.

The audience was mesmerized by dialogic poem "We live under the roof of the supreme command," real story-telling "Great comrade-in-arms", mixed chorus "We long for his care most" and so on. These numbers fully reflect the pride of the service personnel who are leading a worthwhile life as genuine and eternal comrades-in-arms, sharing will, heart and destiny with their supreme commander, finding the worth of living on the road of the Songun revolution.

Also staged were dramatic sketch "Two squad leaders in the training ground", male solo and pangchang "At one go", guitar ensemble "Song of Coast Artillerymen" and chorus "Leader, Just Give Us Your Order". These numbers truthfully represent the service personnel who prepare themselves as a-match-for-a-hundred fighters and protect the defence line of the country as firm as an iron wall, always keeping themselves highly alerted.

Put on the stage were numbers reflecting the strong faith and will of the service personnel who will firmly carry forward the tradition of the army of Paektusan and the great tradition of defending the leader unto death, the lifeline of all generations to come, having Kim Jong Un as the supreme commander of the revolutionary armed forces.

Among the audience were officials of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, creators, artistes, teachers, researchers and students in the field of literature and arts and members of art squads in Pyongyang.

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