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S. Korean Authorities' Policy of Discrimination against Women Protested
Pyongyang, March 13 (KCNA) -- Representatives and workers of labor organizations of south Korea including the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) held a meeting in Seoul on Mar. 8 demanding the authorities roll back the policy of discrimination against women, according to the south Korean newspaper Labor and World.

The chairman of the KCTU said that the wretched plight of women workers who are unreasonably dismissed en masse, without being guaranteed their vital rights, shows that it is very hard for women to live on this land.

A member of the Solidarity for Healthcare of the Public Transport Trade Union said that the hospital side is driving part-time nurses like a beast of burden and dismissing them before the expiry of the term of contracts, adding the misfortunes would go on unless such practices are discontinued.

A member of the Seoul branch of the Metal Trade Union said that she turned out in the action as she could no longer bear the inhuman acts on the part of the management.

A resolution was read out at the meeting.

It said that women are undergoing double or treble pains as the present chief executive has not taken any measure.

The women on this land will stage a dynamic action to have stable jobs free from any discrimination guaranteed, conditions for childcare provided and part-time jobs abolished, it noted.

At the end of the meeting its participants staged a demonstration.

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