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Anniversary of Kim Jong Il's Guidance over Revolutionary Drama Marked
Pyongyang, March 12 (KCNA) -- A performance was given at the National Theatre on Wednesday to mark the 30th anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il's guidance over the creation of the revolutionary drama "Blood at an International Conference".

Kim Jong Il put forward the original policy of bringing about a drastic turn in the dramatic art, energetically led the work to create Korean-style drama and opened a great heyday of the Juche art.

The revolutionary drama clarified the idea that dependence on foreign forces leads to a ruined country and independence should be achieved through a struggle with consciousness of national independence, vividly representing the phase of the times and life of people of all social standings in the then society.

The performers made a vivid artistic representation of the aggressive nature of the imperialists remaining unchanged no matter how much water flows under the bridge, their craftiness and the truth of history that to hold high the banner of independence is the only way for defending the dignity and honor of the nation.

Through the performance the audience keenly realized once again the people who lost their country suffered untold hardships as they were not led by the great leader. They also felt great national pride and self-esteem of being blessed with illustrious leaders generation after generation as they are holding Marshal Kim Jong Un in high esteem.

Among the audience were officials, creators, artistes, teachers and students in the fields of literature and art and art education.

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