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DPRK Concentrates Efforts on Production of Farming Materials
Pyongyang, March 12 (KCNA) -- Different economic sectors in the DPRK are speeding up the production of farming equipment and materials.

Ssangryong, Tongam and other mines across the country are increasing ore production for supply of phosphate fertilizer to farms.

The Haeju Smeltery and a fertilizer factory in Jongju have introduced advanced methods to increase the fertilizer production.

The Kumsong Tractor Factory has produced thousands of toothed wheels by exploiting internal reserves, while the Huichon Precision Machine Plant and the Ryangchaek Bearing Factory have stepped up the production of fuel pumps and accessories for farm machines.

Metal industrial establishments, including the Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex and the Chollima Steel Complex, provided hundreds of tons of pig iron and a great deal of scrap iron to producers of farm machine accessories.

As of early March, the Namhung Youth Chemical Complex raised the output of Juche fertilizer (fertilizer made in the Korean way) 1.6 times that in the same period of last year. Power and coal industrial and railway transport sectors, too, are working hard to help this complex increase the fertilizer production.

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