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Scientific, Intensive Farming in DPRK
Pyongyang, March 10 (KCNA) -- Bigger efforts have been directed to a drive for putting the farming on a scientific and intensive basis in the DPRK after the recent national conference of agricultural sub-workteam leaders.

A creative relationship is being strengthened among agricultural guidance bodies, research institutes and production units, and the system of control over the scientific farming further improved.

Detailed works were organized to ensure the correctness of crop growth forecast and place the activities of the guidance organs and the production units on a sci-tech basis.

In particular, co-op farms in the city of Pyongyang have striven to raise the cropland utility rate.

The City Rural Economy Committee took such practical measures as the introduction of advanced methods for culture of seedlings whereby to raise healthy seedlings in less seedbeds. And a work is being conducted to remodel rice-transplanting machines in keeping with the extensive introduction of humus-potted seedlings.

Meanwhile, farms in west coastal flat areas and intermediary and mountainous areas strive to introduce advanced farming technologies and methods suitable to their geographical characteristics as well as to the biological features of crops.

Those in South and North Hwanghae provinces have hastened the work to supplement phosphorus and potassium components and microelements while stepping up the preparations for double-cropping.

South Phyongan Province concentrates efforts on laying out seedling beds, ensuring sowing of wheat and barley in a qualitative way.

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