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Japan's Intention to Abandon Three Principles of Arms Export under Fire
Pyongyang, March 10 (KCNA) -- The Japanese government is going to advance new guidelines allowing arms export in March, according to a recent Kyodo report.

If the new guidelines related to arms export come into force, this will pave the way for Japan's massive sale of weapons and equipment to any country and regions of the world for the sake of its political interests.

Minju Joson Monday observes in a commentary in this regard:

The main purpose of abandoning the "three principles of arms export" is to regain the position of a leader of Asia at any cost by turning Japan into a military power as early as possible.

Aware of importance of putting major sea routes under its control, in case a war breaks out to emerge a leader of Asia, Japan seeks to increase its military presence and role by massively selling weapons to the regions and countries concerned.

Another aim sought by Japan is to create a favorable climate for turning it into a military giant and drastically bolster the military capability of the "Self-Defence Forces" by tightening collaboration, exchange and cooperation with world munitions complexes.

It is not hard to guess what Japan will do after emerging a military giant and gaining the right to fight a war.

The international community should heighten vigilance against Japan's militarist veer to the Right and should not allow it under any circumstances.

The Japanese reactionaries should resolutely break with this dangerous aggressive idea and its war policy, bearing deep in mind that militarism only brings the final doom to Japan.

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