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KCNA Commentary Hits at Bush's Ridiculous Remarks
Pyongyang, March 7 (KCNA) -- Former U.S. President Bush said during his recent visit to south Korea that "defectors from the north" are "heroes", adding that a "North Korean Human Rights Act" was enacted in the U.S. thanks to their "role". And he showed himself in lectures to vociferate about "human rights issues" in the DPRK.

His recent remarks evoke derision across the world people as it was known that the "defectors from the north" are riff-raffs with ambiguous identities, those who escaped from their country after committing indelible crimes against the nation and who deserted their kinsmen.

The "human rights problem in the north" much touted by the defectors is nothing but sophism aimed to earn their living costs in disregard of the truth about the human rights performance in the DPRK.

It is shameless for Bush to praise such traitors and idlers as "heroes", lured by the faked-up data. This shows that he is a political immature and a clumsy rogue without an iota of elementary reason and morality.

In actuality, Bush was jeered as a political ignoramus. Soon after taking power, he slandered the DPRK as "axis of evil" and had engaged himself on the hostile policy towards it during his office, acting a madman.

Despite the opposition of the world community, he ordered invasion of Iraq, reducing it into a theatre of murder, plunder and human rights violation.

The "war on terrorism", forced by him, led the peaceful world to a theatre of rowdyism, locked in vicious cycle of terrorism and war unprecedented in history.

Bush is the worst tyrant and homicidal maniac outstripping Hitler. He is a special-class human rights criminal who should have been brought to an international human rights tribunal.

He, criticized as the kingpin of human rights abusers, is evidently an idiot as he still talks about someone's "human rights issue".

That's why lawmakers from the U.S. Democratic Party, in a session in June 2005, said that they didn't know how to call Bush, who unleashed the Iraqi war with a string of lies, a donkey or a hooligan, and that an investigation should be made into his deceptive behavior.

Bush reportedly became a winner at the "world idiot prize" awarding ceremony in Canada in 2006 for his yearly foolish remarks and behaviors unproper to his position.

The Arabian newspaper "Al Arab", published in London, wrote in "question- and-answer for 'praising' Bush" as follows:

1. Why doesn't Bush get angry at whatever abuses he gets from Americans?

Because he is possessed of the "three features"--plenty of cheek, insensitivity and lack of understanding.

2. Why does Bush consider accusations against him as part of politics?

It is because the White House is a zoo.


11. What will Americans tell about Bush's office after 50 years?

They will likely say that Bush did not exist.

12. What will Bush write in his memoirs?

He will write "I was not so stupid and what I did seemed to be silly.

They represented harsh ridicule of imprudence and stupidity of Bush, who has rashly turned a deaf ear to just demands and judgement of the world public, not knowing what is the right or wrong.

Bush is advised to mind his own business before pulling up others over the "human rights issue".

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