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Rodong Sinmun Denounces U.S. Trumpet about "Human Rights"
Pyongyang, March 7 (KCNA) -- The U.S. in a recent "report on human rights situation in the world" slandered and estimated the human rights situation in nearly 200 countries and regions as it pleases.

Rodong Sinmun Friday says in an article in this regard:

The U.S. "human rights" racket is sophism that can be made only by those falsifying the truth and having twisted view on world affairs.

The U.S. is zealously taking issue with other countries over their "human rights" situation every year while hardly settling its own problems.

The U.S. is persistently finding fault with other countries by publishing a "human rights report" as if it were an "international human rights judge" in a bid to invent pretext and climate for interfering in internal affairs of those countries and realizing aggression and domination.

It is justifying its undisguised interference in internal affairs of sovereign states and its brigandish invasion of them by putting up the signboard "defence of human rights." It is trying to disorganize other countries from within and establish pro-U.S. regimes under the pretext of "defence of human rights".

The Balkan, Afghan and Iraqi wars were committed by the U.S. under the signboards of "defence of human rights", "prevention of terrorism" and "checking of development of WMDs."

The U.S. is building up public opinion as if there were serious "human rights issue" in the anti-imperialist independent countries but there were no human rights issue in those countries following it.

The situation calls for heightening vigilance against the U.S. "human rights" racket and countering it with revolutionary offensive, the article concludes.

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