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Korean Students in Japan Denounce Crimes of Japan
Pyongyang, March 5 (KCNA) -- A students' trial was held in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan, on February 23 in denunciation of the crimes of Japan. It was sponsored by the Kyoto headquarters of the Union of Korean Students in Japan.

Present there were members of the Union, Koreans in Japan, Japanese students and citizens.

The trial laid bare violations of international law committed by Japan in the past and demanded its government redeem its history of aggression and colonial rule.

A report was made there.

The reporter urged the Japanese government to admit its past crimes and apologize to all Koreans including those in Japan.

Then speakers blasted the Japanese government for its moves to obliterate the national education and acts to forcibly disband the Association of Koreans in Japan.

The Japanese government's policy of suppressing Koreans in Japan is still persisting as evidenced by discrimination in the application of tuition-free program for senior high schools against Korean schools, they held, adding:

The brutal suppression of the March First Popular Uprising staged in demand of Korea's independence in 1919 reconfirmed the mass killings perpetrated by the Japanese imperialists to exterminate the Korean nation.

They demanded the Japanese government, which committed grave violations of international law, admit its colonial rule, make thorough apology and reparation, establish an institution for investigation into the colonial rule and archives of official documents, improve the education which gives a wrong outlook on history, guarantee the right to national education, roll back its discriminating policy towards the Korean nation and so on.

They declared that they would carry on the actions, not yielding to the unfair attitude of the Japanese government.

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