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Anti-Japanese Actions Launched in South Korea
Pyongyang, March 5 (KCNA) -- Anti-Japanese actions were launched in 17 areas of south Korea on March 1, the 95th anniversary of the March First Popular Uprising, according to KBS and internet papers Thongil News and Voice of People of south Korea.

Attending there were 220 000 people.

120 civic, public and religious organizations including the Council for the Peaceful Unification of Tangun's Nation and the Federation of Homogeneous Nation Movement Organizations held a joint event at the Kwanghwamun plaza in Seoul.

Speakers denounced Japan for justifying its past crimes and distorting history, far from making a sincere apology, reflection and reparation for the crimes.

Workers, students, citizens and opposition party lawmakers held a candlelight rally at the Chonggye plaza condemning Japan for its moves to revive militarism.

Anti-Japanese rallies and demonstrations took place around the Japanese embassy in south Korea and other places in Seoul.

The Pusan Headquarters of the Movement for Reunified Korean Nation held an anti-Japanese rally in Pusan to oppose Japan's rearmament and achieve peace on the Korean peninsula.

At the end of the rally the participants chanted slogans opposing Japan's rearmament and demanding Japan make an apology for the history of aggression.

Then followed the March 1 anti-Japan, anti-war rally under the sponsorship of the Pusan Headquarters of the Movement for Peace on the Korean Peninsula.

Students in Ulsan held a demonstration in protest against the Japanese authorities' reckless remarks denying the past crimes and their distortion of history.

People from all walks of life held a demo in Changwon, South Kyongsang Province.

Citizens in Chonan, South Chungchong Province held an action similar to the March First Popular Uprising 95 years ago.

Anti-Japanese shouts were heard from different places of south Korea on the same day.

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