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Blessed Children of DPRK
Pyongyang, March 3 (KCNA) -- In the DPRK, the Workers' Party of Korea and the government have taken care of the work for bringing up and educating the children.

Look after the rising generations with warm care for the rosy future of the country--this is the noble outlook on posterity cherished by the great Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in their lifetime and supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

Kim Il Sung saw to it, after Korea's liberation from Japan's colonial rule, that orphanages were built across the country and, in the period of the 1950-1953 Fatherland Liberation War, personally took care of orphans at the Supreme Command.

In the period of the "Arduous March" when the country was in hard time, Kim Jong Il took a special measure to establish the strict system for supply service to baby homes across the country and put forward as patriots those who had looked after orphans.

Supreme leader Kim Jong Un has shown special love for the orphans as their real father, saying that the children are the most precious treasure and they represent the hope and future of the country.

In early February this year, he visited the baby home and orphanage in the capital city of Pyongyang to give his blessing to the children there. Stressing the need to bring them up to be clever and upright as their parents would do, he said that the WPK would build modernly-equipped baby home and orphanage in a picturesque place of the city.

And he gave an instruction that baby homes and orphanages should be built on a fresh basis in provinces and municipalities to meet the requirement of the new century.

Under such great loving care, all children at the orphanages across the country are enjoying happiness, supplied with all necessary living conditions.

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