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S. Korean Organization Calls for Peace, Reunification
Pyongyang, February 28 (KCNA) -- The Headquarters of Movement for Reunified Korean Nation held a regular meeting in Seoul on Feb. 22 at which it declared that it would conduct positive activities for peace and reunification on the Korean peninsula this year, according to the south Korean Internet paper Thongil News.

Japan's rearmament and the strengthening of the military cooperation among the U.S., Japan and south Korea are posing a great threat to the peace on the peninsula, it noted, calling for actions against this.

It will publish and distribute pamphlets dealing with the danger and serious nature of Japan's moves to revive militarism and launch an intensive anti-Japan struggle with August 15 as an occasion.

The organization declared it would carry on the actions against a war and activities for improving the inter-Korean relations.

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