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Punishment of Masterminds of Illegal Interference in Election Demanded
Pyongyang, February 28 (KCNA) -- The Pusan Parish Priests Group of the south Korean Catholic Priests' Council for Justice held a mass on the situation on Feb. 24 condemning power organs' illegal interference in the election, according to the south Korean internet paper Jaju Minbo.

The religious group in its statement held that what the "government" showed over the past one year was just its moves to evade responsibility for the election rigging and conceal the truth behind it, and its false commitments and suppression of protesters.

The statement recalled that religionists have staged actions, urging the "government" to make an apology for the fraudulent election, take measures for it and punishing its mastermind.

However, the "government" disturbed the investigation for probing the truth, threatened people by branding them as " followers of the north", a trite method for crackdown, it noted, deploring the abnormal situation where the court passed a decision of not guilty upon those related to the election rigging case.

It also labeled media, which speak for the power, shutting their eyes to truth, as the worst conspirator as they reduced society to such a lawless one.

All fair-minded intellectuals, religionists and people in society will struggle for justice in solidarity in face of the present situation in which justice and conscience are being trampled down, it noted, demanding a severe punishment of those who masterminded the illegal election.

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