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National Symposium on Medical Science Held
Pyongyang, February 28 (KCNA) -- There took place a national symposium on medical science at the Grand People's Study House on Friday to mark the 35th anniversary of President Kim Il Sung's work "On Developing Traditional Korean Medicine".

The work, published on Feb. 27, Juche 68 (1979), is a classical work of historic significance in thoroughly preserving Juche character and national character in healthcare and developing the Korean people's advantageous traditional medicine.

The work clarifies tasks and ways for developing Koryo medicine on the basis of a scientific analysis of its features and advantages.

Choe Tuk Ryong, director of the Academy of Koryo Medicine, in a speech made at the symposium called on all public health workers to make an uninterrupted leap forward in the development of Koryo medicine, bearing deep in mind the idea and the spirit of devoted service to the people contained in the work and thus contribute to giving play to the advantages of the socialist healthcare system.

Then a lecture was given on scientization and modernization of diagnosis based on information about the regions of acupuncture.

Presented at the symposium were scientific research successes made in the field of Koryo medicine.

Drawing the attention of the participants were papers contributing to putting the tested principles of Koryo medicine on a scientific basis including those on the study of Kyongrak (channels and collaterals), physical constitution and traditional medicine, and successes made in applying Koryo medicines and acupuncture in the treatment of various diseases, etc.

Present there were scientists, technicians, teachers and medical workers in the field of public health.

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