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Japan's Sexual Slavery System Is Large Inhumane Crime: News Analysis
Pyongyang, February 27 (KCNA) -- Many countries in Asia and Europe are becoming evermore vocal condemning sexual slavery committed by the Imperial Japanese Army. Such denunciation can be heard even from the U.S.

Some days ago, U.S. Congress adopted a resolution, the second of its kind since 2007, urging the Japanese government to make an official apology for the past sexual slavery and compensate to its victims.

The international community expresses deep sympathy with women victims who are passing away one after another without getting even a single word of apology from the Japanese government.

During the Second World War, the Japanese imperialists set up a sexual slavery system by dint of state power and military forces.

The Imperial Japanese Army abducted and forcibly drafted a large number of Korean women to reduce them into sexual slaves, inflicting untold sufferings and pains upon them. The real purpose of establishing such system was not only to meet the sexual demand of soldiers but to materialize the policy of annihiliating the Korean nation.

The majority of sexual slaves were Korean women and most of them in their teens.

The sexual slavery committed by the Imperial Japanese Army was an extra-large inhuman crime aimed at annihiliating the Korean nation from A to Z.

But the Japanese authorities are keen on beautifying the crime-woven past of Japan, asserting that sex slavery was seen in any warring countries.

Their assertion is nothing but an intolerable mockery of and challenge to the international community.

Japan had better honestly admit its blood-stained history and make sincere apology and compensation for its past crimes.

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