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Kim Jong Il Highly Praised by Russian Papers
Pyongyang, February 27 (KCNA) -- Russian papers carried special write-ups to mark the birth anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il.

The My Home-Sochi on February 13 devoted a whole page to an article titled "Snow and Kim Jong Il" illustrated with his photos and photo of his birthplace in the Secret Camp in Mt. Paektu.

The paper said in the article:

Chairman of the National Defence Commission Kim Jong Il lived a life as ennobling as snow.

He made ceaseless tours for field guidance to factories and sites for construction of new houses for better people's living and cultural recreation grounds in different parts of the country, always wearing a simple jumper and having a short and uncomfortable sleep.

His greatest pleasure was happiness of the people.

He made ceaseless journeys for field guidance for the people despite sweltering day and biting cold.

It was thanks to his dedication that socialism was defended and a turning phase was brought about in building a thriving nation in the DPRK.

Kim Jong Il's noble life will always be remembered not only by the Korean people but by progressive mankind.

The Byvor on February 14 carried articles titled "Comrade Kim Jong Il is always in the hearts of mankind" and "Greatest Exploits" illustrated with a portrait of smiling Kim Jong Il.

No. 5 issue of the Veteran carried an article titled "People's ever-deepening trust" illustrated with a photo of supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

The Sluzh Otsechestv on February 13 introduced the immortal exploits Kim Jong Il performed by glorifying the Juche idea as an eternal guiding idea in the era of independence and developing the Workers' Party of Korea, the state and army into ever-victorious guiding force, invincible socialist power and matchless militant ranks.

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