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Korean in Russia Calls on S. Korea to Opt for Mending Inter-Korean Relations
Pyongyang, February 26 (KCNA) -- Ri Chae Son, vice-chairperson of the Central Association of Korean Nationals in Russia, issued a statement on Feb. 25 denouncing the south Korean authorities for kicking up the joint military exercises targeting the north which will only lead to the escalation of distrust and confrontation between the north and south.

No sooner had the south Korean authorities agreed on the issue of halting all acts of slandering the other party at the north-south high-level contact than they got hell-bent on the smear campaign against the north, while claiming that "emphasis on human rights in the north" and "psychological warfare against the north" are different from the above-said issue, the statement said.

Overseas compatriots were surprised by the claim made by the south Korean authorities who do not know about the realities of the DPRK, it noted.

It deplored that U.S.-south Korea Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military exercises were kicked up despite the unanimous opposition of all fellow countrymen.

The south Korean authorities should no longer be used for the U.S. strategy barring the development of the north-south relations, it stressed, and went on:

They should bear in mind that if they stage ceaseless joint military exercises such as Key Resolve and Foal Eagle, kowtowing to the U.S., it will bring about the extermination of the nation, not peace and reunification of the Korean peninsula.

The statement urged the south Korean authorities to implement the north-south agreement, stop at once all acts of slandering the other party and the nuclear war exercises which will lead to the escalation of distrust and confrontation only and take practical action for improving the north-south relations.

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