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Guidelines for Establishing Juche in Ideological Work
Pyongyang, February 18 (KCNA) -- President Kim Il Sung convened the 1st Conference of Ideological Officials of the Workers' Party of Korea on December 28, Juche 44 (1955), at which he made the historic speech "On Eliminating Dogmatism and Formalism and Establishing Juche in Ideological Work."

The President in the work clarified that establishing Juche in ideological work of the WPK means carrying out the Korean revolution successfully, and set forth in detail the ways to realize it.

The work underscored the need for the ideological officials to have a wealth of knowledge about the Korean history, geography and customs, exert special efforts to study the history of the Korean people's struggle and revolutionary traditions and impress them upon the working masses.

It called on them to reject flunkeyism, make a deep study of their own things and, in particular, deeply grasp and thoroughly carry out the party's line and policies.

It explicitly expounded the correlation between patriotism and internationalism.

The work has served as important guidelines for strengthening the unity of the party and cohesion of the popular masses on the basis of the revolutionary idea of Kim Il Sung and advancing the revolution as required by the Juche idea.

After its publication, the party and working people's organizations have made big efforts to educate the people in the ideas of Kim Il Sung's works and the WPK's policies and encourage them to be well versed in the party's history and revolutionary traditions.

An ideological struggle was conducted throughout the party and society to eliminate all sorts of reactionary ideological tendencies like flunkeyism, dogmatism, revisionism and factionalism.

Through the struggle for establishing Juche in ideological work, the WPK has been further consolidated in organizational and ideological aspects with the main force of the Korean revolution reinforced.

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