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Kim Jong Il Praised by Indonesian Political Party
Pyongyang, February 16 (KCNA) -- The Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle issued a statement on February 10 on the occasion of the birth anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il.

The statement said:

The DPRK instituted the birth anniversary of Kim Jong Il as the Day of the Shining Star in reflection of the unanimous desire of all party members and other people to hold him in high esteem as eternal general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK).

He turned the WPK into the party with a strong sense of organization and discipline, the Korean People's Army into the invincible armed forces and the DPRK into the power no one dares provoke.

His life is the noble one of a peerless patriot and distinguished leader who dedicated his all to the victory of the socialist cause and the human cause of independence.

His august name and immortal exploits will always be cherished in the minds of not only the Korean people but also the progressive humankind.

We deem it an honor to celebrate the Day of the Shining Star together with the Korean people.

We are convinced that the WPK and the Korean people will register bigger success in the drive for strengthening the party and building a thriving nation this year under the leadership of Marshal Kim Jong Un.

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