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Exploits of Kim Jong Il Praised by Bulgarian and Indonesian Figures
Pyongyang, February 14 (KCNA) -- There took place a meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria and seminars by the Diversity Party of Indonesia and an Indonesian company on February 7 on the occasion of the birth anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il.

The chairman of the Bulgarian preparatory committee for celebrating the 72nd birth anniversary of Kim Jong Il said:

Kim Jong Il was born in the secret camp in Mt. Paektu on February 16, 1942 and grew up to be the great revolutionary.

His greatest exploit is that he developed and enriched the Juche idea, fathered by President Kim Il Sung, into the guiding idea in the era of independence.

He also smashed the moves of the imperialist allied forces to stifle the DPRK and firmly defended the sovereignty and security of the country with his original Songun politics.

He made a great contribution to ensuring peace and security of the world.

The chairman of the National Leading Council of the Diversity Party of Indonesia said:

Kim Jong Il is the greatest man who put the power of the DPRK on the highest level with his distinguished leadership ability and warm love for the country and its people.

He formulated the Songun politics as the main political mode of socialism and, by dint of it, defended the sovereignty and dignity of the country and developed the Korean People's Army into the invincible revolutionary armed forces.

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