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Day of Shining Star Observed in Foreign Countries
Pyongyang, February 13 (KCNA) -- A Korean photo, book and handicraft exhibition was held in Peru and a photo and book exhibition in Romania and round-table talks in Ethiopia from February 1 to 6 on the occasion of the birth anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il (Day of the Shining Star).

On display in the exhibitions were photos documenting exploits of President Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il and supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

Also displayed there were works of the peerlessly great men, photos and books introducing Songun Korea and handicrafts associated with the wisdom and talents of the Korean people.

The governor of Tacna Province, Peru said:

I am glad to hold the DPRK photo, book and handicraft exhibition in my province on the occasion of the Day of the Shining Star.

The exhibition will help the Peruvian people know better about the DPRK, the wisdom and talents of the Korean people, in particular.

The exhibition will be a good opportunity for peoples of the two countries to promote the cultural exchange and understanding.

Chairman of the Romanian Socialist Union said that visitors to the exhibition will know about the DPRK that emerged as a socialist power under the guidance of the great leaders, wishing the Korean people led by Kim Jong Un bigger success in their drive to build an economic power and reunify the country.

An Ethiopian figure stressed that Kim Jong Il was a great statesman recognized by the world and the progressive humankind will always remember his immortal exploits in accomplishing the cause of global independence.

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