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Loach Soup Gains Popularity in DPRK
Pyongyang, February 11 (KCNA) -- A national cooking competition took place at the Pyongyang Noodle House some days ago.

The competition, sponsored by the Korean Association of Cooks, drew more than 200 cooks from 40 public catering units in provinces and municipalities and under ministries and national institutions.

What caught visitors' eyes in the competition was a loach soup.

From olden times in Korea, the soup has been considered to be one of cuisines that help people energize themselves.

Loach is believed to be rich in nutritive substances, including protein, calcium, iron and vitamin A.

It is especially efficacious for liver protection.

Loach soup, mixed with bracken, parsley, mushroom, is highly absorbable.

The participants cooked it in their own peculiar ways with beef, green pepper, parsley, pumpkin, etc. added.

The soup presented by cooks from the Changgwangsan Hotel was highly appreciated at the competition.

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