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Crucial Proposal of DPRK Supported by Foreign Political Parties
Pyongyang, February 11 (KCNA) -- Political parties of Germany, Britain and DR Congo released statements on Jan. 25 and 30 in support of the New Year Address made by supreme leader Kim Jong Un and the crucial proposal made by the National Defence Commission (NDC) of the DPRK.

The Communist Party of Germany in its statement fully supported the proposal for national reunification set forth by Kim Jong Un in his New Year Address and the crucial proposal sent by the NDC of the DPRK to the south Korean authorities.

It said:

We welcome the DPRK's goal for the denuclearization in the Korean peninsula.

We express sympathy with its stand calling for removing all the nukes deployed in the peninsula and its vicinity.

We hope the Korean people would register bigger successes in their movement for national reunification.

The Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist) stated:

The world will soon clearly get to know who hopes for peace in the Korean peninsula and who does not.

The DPRK has taken practical measures for peace and stability on the Korean peninsula and set forth reasonable proposals for putting an end to the country's division.

The Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist) is convinced that Korea will be reunified in the idea of By the Korean Nation Itself.

The Workers' Party of DR Congo said the crucial proposal made by the NDC of the DPRK is of great significance in achieving Korea's reunification by the concerted efforts of the Korean nation free from foreign interference.

The Korean people will surely achieve the country's reunification, foiling all the moves of the U.S. and other anti-reunification forces.

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