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Public Interest in Paduk Grows in DPRK
Pyongyang, February 10 (KCNA) -- Public interest in paduk (go) is growing in the DPRK.

In this regard, KCNA had an interview with Kim Il Gwang, secretary of the Martial Arts Association under the Korean Taekwon-Do Committee, over the present development and prospect of paduk.

Question: Would you like to tell me about the country's paduk development and its technical level?

Answer: In Juche 78 (1989) the Korean Paduk Association was formed, with the Pyongyang Paduk Centre opened.

After its admission to the International Go Federation, our country has achieved good results at international tournaments.

The DPRK came first at the 15th International Amateur Mixed Go Championship, the go contest of the 1st International Martial Arts Games and the 2013 Business Trip Cup International City Go Tournament in Hangzhou of China and second at the World Amateur Go Championship.

Its technical skill has been recognized by the world.

Q: Can you explain about the plans for developing the go technique and making it mass-based in the country?

A: This year DPRK players will take part in world professional go tournaments. In the past there were professional go contests. A national amateur go contest is scheduled for the first time. It will mark an important occasion in improving the technical level of amateurs and raising the public interest in the event.

We are also planning to extend the range of the system for training reserve players with stress put on the early education.

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