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Rodong Sinmun Lauds Kim Jong Il's Feats
Pyongyang, February 6 (KCNA) -- The politico-ideological power under socialism is a fruition of tireless efforts and devotion made by leader Kim Jong Il and a precious legacy left by him, says Rodong Sinmun Thursday in an article.

It goes on:

After laying down the principle of the theory on ideology of Juche in his early days, Kim Jong Il paid primary attention to training the popular masses to be powerful beings armed with the Juche idea and put the ideological work above anything else in the whole period of steering the revolution and construction.

Under his energetic guidance the Korean people have been equipped with the independent spirit of carving out their destiny by their own efforts, have emerged fighters defending the headquarters of the revolution at the risk of their lives and have grown strong in ideology and faith embodying the revolutionary idea of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) in practice.

The DPRK took a wide avenue for building a thriving nation, overcoming all difficulties in the period of the Arduous March and Forced March. This was possible thanks to the might of ideology and inexhaustible mental power of the popular masses. In those days when a mere survival was considered as a miracle Korean people operated machines despite hunger and carried compost to the fields braving snowstorm, believing in their own strength. They were strong enough in ideology to weather economic difficulties. As a result, all moves of the imperialists went bust and the red flag of socialism fluttered more vigorously across the country.

The history of his revolutionary leadership is a glorious one in which he successfully achieved the unbreakable unity and cohesion of the party and the revolutionary ranks, regarding the single-minded unity as a revolutionary philosophy of the WPK, mainstay of the revolution.

Under his guidance the WPK and revolutionary ranks have grown stronger in revolutionary comradeship based on loyalty to the leader and the DPRK emerged a country which boasts single-minded unity as all its service personnel and people take the same step and say in one voice.

The DPRK has firmly adhered to the principle of Juche, the principle of national independence in the revolution and construction under the wise leadership of Kim Jong Il.

There can be no such practice as reading other's face or following other's style and method in the DPRK as it applies a revolutionary method, fighting mode and way of living of Korean style to all fields from a firm independent stand.

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