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No Force Can Check Advance of History toward Independence: Rodong Sinmun
Pyongyang, February 3 (KCNA) -- Getting stronger is the aspiration and desire of humankind to lead an independent life free from all sorts of domination and subjugation and, thereby, no force on earth can check the advance of history toward independence and justice, says Rodong Sinmun Monday in an article.

The article goes on:

Humankind may face twists and turns due to the stumbling blocks lying on its way toward independence and justice, but it is inevitable that imperialism will meet ruin but the human cause of independence will triumph.

It is a law of historical development that the world advances along the road of independence.

Neither a country nor a nation wants to live under domination and subjugation, sustaining aggression and plunder. What all peoples commonly desire is to lead an independent life and achieve development, free from any subjugation.

Entering the 90s in the last century, the confrontational relations were broken between the East and the West the pivot of which were two world super powers. This caused series of unexpected developments. However, the advance of history remained unchanged.

When the Cold-War structure was collapsed and socialism in some countries was frustrated, the imperialists made much fuss as if the direction of the advance of history were changing.

But this was nothing but a vortex of history which took place temporarily in the course of advancing toward an independent new world.

To lead a happy life in a free and peaceful world free from domination and subjugation, aggression and war is an ideal of humankind based on the social nature of independent human being. And this is the basic orientation of the historical development. As there is no change in social nature of human being, no change can be made in the ideal of humankind and no turn in the direction of historical development.

Now matter how desperately the imperialists may work to save their declined fate, they can never stem the advance of history.

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