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Korean Youth in China Urge S. Korea to Respond to Proposal of DPRK
Pyongyang, February 3 (KCNA) -- The Youth Federation of Korean Nationals in China on January 29 released a statement titled "South Korean authorities should stop at once pro-U.S. sycophantic confrontation rackets against fellow countrymen and respond to crucial proposal of the DPRK".

Recalling that the National Defence Commission of the DPRK proposed the south Korean authorities to take practical measures for halting all acts of provoking and slandering the other side on the occasion of the Lunar New Year's Day, the statement said:

However, the south Korean authorities respond to the DPRK's crucial proposal and measures for defusing tensions with escalating military confrontation steps.

With nothing the military confrontation acts can be justified and they are a grave challenge to the Koreans desirous of improved north-south relations and peace and public opinion at home and abroad.

The confrontation acts of the south Korean authorities are pro-U.S. sycophantic acts pursuant to the DPRK policy of the U.S. displeasing reconciliation, unity and reunification of the Korean nation.

The Youth Federation of Korean Nationals in China strongly demands the south Korean authorities drop the deep-rooted worship and flunkeyism toward America and the idea of fearing and submitting to America, clearly face up to the reality and respond to the sincere call of fellow countrymen with righteous goodwill measures.

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