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New Year Address of Kim Jong Un, Crucial Proposal of DPRK Supported by Russian Political Party
Pyongyang, January 31 (KCNA) -- The Party for Peace and Unity of Russia issued a statement on January 23 in support of the tasks advanced by supreme leader Kim Jong Un in his New Year Address and the crucial proposal of the National Defence Commission (NDC) of the DPRK.

The statement said that the DPRK, a miraculous country which loves peace and desires goodwill despite all moves of the hostile forces, is making successful progress.

It went on:

Kim Jong Un, supreme leader of the Korean people, in his New Year Address appealed to the south Korean authorities to make efforts for the reunification of the country, reflecting the noble desire of all Koreans for peace.

The south Korean ruling forces should respond to the practical settlement of issues related to the destiny, development and prosperity of the nation in a responsible manner.

The crucial proposal sent by the NDC of the DPRK to the south Korean authorities represents a realistic and timely measure for removing the obstacles lying in the way of peace and prosperity.

We appeal to the progressive forces desirous of peace and security on the Korean peninsula and in the rest of the world to support the constructive initiative and proposal of the DPRK for achieving reconciliation and unity of the nation and mending the north-south ties.

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