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S. Korean Broadcasting Service Blasts Japanese Ultra-Right Element's Reckless Remarks
Pyongyang, January 29 (KCNA) -- The MBC of south Korea Monday censured Japanese politicians for negating the crimes committed by Japan in the past and tampering with history.

The MBC recalled that a victim of the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army left this world with her bitter grudge unsettled.

It continued: She was forcibly taken by a Japanese policeman when she was 13 to be maltreated by soldiers of the Imperial Japanese Army. She was not able to go back to her hometown and lived alone all her life without getting married.

What she hoped till the last moments of her life was a sincere apology from the Japanese government.

It was against this backdrop that the newly appointed president of NHK, when interviewed over the issue of sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army, let loose such unpardonable remarks as "Comfort women were used by any country which fought a war" and "The issue of reparation had already been settled" and the like.

The fact that the Imperial Japanese Army forcibly abducted women and operated "comfort stations" in territories under their occupation was a historical fact already admitted even by the Japanese government.

It is deplorable that the guy with such twisted outlook on history as negating the past crimes against humanity is holding the post of president of a state-run broadcasting service.

This reminds one of an unethical behavior of the Japanese prime minister laughing aboard the plane marked "731".

One cannot but worry to which path these crazy guys will lead the Japanese Archipelago.

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