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People's Study House in Pyongyang Draws Many People
Pyongyang, January 28 (KCNA) -- The Grand People's Study House here has drawn an increasing number of people for its diverse services.

In-service training courses cover computer and latest sci-tech issues arousing in various fields of the national economy, including light industry, agriculture and electric power.

The two-way real time online lectures are given to libraries in provinces, scientific and educational institutions and industrial establishments.

Foreign languages study courses have come under attention among scientists, technicians and working youths. The courses include teaching of Chinese, Russian, English, German and Japanese languages.

Lectures and courses at the house are given by veteran teachers and researchers from Kim Il Sung University, the State Academy of Sciences, Kim Chaek University of Technology and other educational and scientific institutions.

Meanwhile, the house gives field lectures in order to settle scientific and technological problems arising in factories and farms and major construction projects.

It is also giving online service to ensure the exchange of scientific and technological information.

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