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DPRK's Crucial Proposal Supported by Overseas Korean
Pyongyang, January 28 (KCNA) -- An article was posted on Paektu-Halla, website of the General Association of Koreans in China, by a Korean in China in support of the crucial proposal of the DPRK National Defence Commission.

The article said:

National reunification is a historic task for the Koreans. The country's division brought painful realities to them.

The Koreans, a homogenous nation, have lived in antagonism and confrontation for nearly seven decades since their split, though they have created a glorious history and brilliant culture for 5 000 years.

In this period they experienced a horrible war. Many of them were forced to live separated from each other though they had lived in harmony. A large number of them have already left this world, without knowing each other's whereabouts with their grudge unsettled.

National reunification is aimed to rejoin the severed blood ties in a bid to give continuity to the right trend of the history of the nation and make the Koreans appear one nation before the world.

Looking back on history, it is foreign forces who have handled the Koreans' issue of reunification in pursuance of their own interests.

The National Defence Commission of the DPRK proposed the south Korean authorities to take practical measures for halting all acts of rattling each other's nerves, slandering and defaming each other, to begin with, and all hostile military acts against the other side on the occasion of the Lunar New Year's Day and clarified that it would take practical actions first to this end, the article noted, and continued:

The crucial proposal made by the DPRK on its bold initiative and out of its good faith reflects its true intention of achieving reconciliation among compatriots for the purpose of breaking the deadlock caused by confrontation at any cost and creating a climate for improving the north-south relations by the concerted efforts of Koreans.

How the south Korean side will approach this proposal based on good faith will show whether it stands for reconciliation or confrontation among Koreans.

All Koreans and the world people are closely following the attitude of the south Korean authorities.

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