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National Security, Peace Is Guarantee for Korea's Reunification and Prosperity: News Analysis
Pyongyang, January 27 (KCNA) -- All Koreans are now filled with the resolve to open up a new phase for the independent reunification, peace and prosperity of the country this year by carrying through the tasks set forth in the New Year Address of supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un in the address called for vigorous struggle for national security and peace to make a fresh progress in the national reunification movement. This call is very just as it is an urgent task for earlier reunification of the country, the cherished desire of the Korean nation, to ensure security and peace.

The national security and peace is a fundamental guarantee for the country's reunification and the nation's prosperity.

All the Korean people are eagerly longing for the country's reunification and prosperity common to the nation, but their desire has not yet been realized though nearly 70 years have passed after the national division.

It is because lasting peace has not settled in the Korean Peninsula. Over 60 years has elapsed since the ceasefire in the peninsula, but the military confrontation and tension there are still getting escalated so that another war may break out.

Under such situation, it is evidently impossible to dispel the distrust between the north and the south of Korea and achieve the national reconciliation, unity and reunification.

This touch-and-go situation seriously threatens the life and security of the nation, inviting the exhaustion of huge human and material resources that should be used for its common development.

The reality goes to prove that the military showdown and tense situation between the north and the south should be removed as soon as possible to achieve the national reunification and prosperity.

To defend the national security and peace is a task of utmost urgency in accomplishing the cause of Korea's reunification.

Recently, the DPRK National Defence Commission, upon authorization of the government, political parties and organizations, proposed to the south Korean authorities taking practical measures for favorable atmosphere for improved north-south relations and the nation's security and peace. In particular, it solemnly declared that the DPRK side would show its practical action first for the realization of the proposal of halting all military hostilities.

The proposal shows the patriotic will of the DPRK to protect the national security and peace, fundamental guarantee for the country's reunification and prosperity.

All Koreans should turn out in the nationwide movement for opening up a new phase of independent reunification, peace and prosperity.

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