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Production of Winter Vegetables Goes up at Greenhouses
Pyongyang, January 24 (KCNA) -- Vegetable production is going up at the newly built and reconstructed greenhouses across the country.

Those in Tokchon, Hoeryong and Munchon cities produced cabbage, cucumber and crown daisy and vegetables of other species in the new year through successful vegetable cultivation.

The Songhak Cooperative Farm in Anju City successfully put greenhouse management and operation on a scientific basis, supplying lots of fresh vegetables to its members.

Rich harvests were made by greenhouses in South Phyongan, South Hamgyong, North Hwanghae provinces and different cities and counties including Nampho and Kaesong cities, Jonchon, Changsong and Orang counties through successful manuring and cultivation. Cabbage and crown daisy and other vegetables are doing well at the greenhouses in Hyesan City, Taehongdan, Rangnim and other counties despite biting cold in alpine regions.

Agricultural workers of the Hyongsan Vegetable Co-op Farm in Hyongjesan District, Pyongyang City, the Songnam Cooperative Farm in Jongju City, the Township Co-op Farm in Janggang County and Chongsan Co-op Farm in Kangso District are placing manuring and cultivation at greenhouses including thinning out of seeds, application of additional fertilizers and biological pesticides on a scientific basis according to phases of growth.

Cucumber, tomato and spinach are growing well at the large-scale greenhouses roofed with plastic sheets in the area of Jangchon in Sadong District.

Similar successes were reported from many other units across the country. They included the Namhung Youth Chemical Complex, the Chonnae Area Coal Mining Complex, the Tanchon Smeltery, Tokchon and Sudong coal mines, the Jagang Provincial Power Distribution Station, the Kyongsong Insulator Factory, the Suyangsan Unha Garment Factory and Wonsan University of Medicine.

They are meeting the technical requirements such as moulding, air-conditioning, watering, etc. in the greenhouse vegetable fields, expecting a rich harvest of vegetables of various species.

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