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Drive for Land Management to Be Staged in DPRK This Year
Pyongyang, January 24 (KCNA) -- A vigorous drive for land development will be launched in the DPRK this year.

A prospective plan has been drawn up to this end and detailed measures taken for its realization.

The plan includes the production of nearly one billion of saplings and the preparation of hundreds of tons of tree seeds.

152 000 hectares of land will be planted with various species of trees on the occasion of the Tree-Planting Day (March 2), through an all-people movement. And steps are taken to raise the rate of rooting. Meanwhile, provincial, city and county tree nurseries are to have open-air cultivation fields, parent nurseries and processes for producing humus potted saplings.

During the land development drive, a work will be done to renew 40-odd reserves across the country as sanctuaries for useful animals.

Big efforts will be also directed to building of roads and their technical improvement and management and to river administration.

Besides, there will be works for creating grass fields and controlling and protecting land.

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