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Chollima, Magazine Popular in DPRK
Pyongyang, January 22 (KCNA) -- It has been 55 years since the first issue of the magazine Chollima (legendary horse galloping 400 kilometers a day) was published in the DPRK in Jan. 1959.

On the occasion, the DPRK people recall the feats President Kim Il Sung performed for the publication of this magazine.

Kim Il Sung suggested publishing the magazine representing the spirit of the Chollima era and personally named it Chollima when its first issue was published.

He showed deep care for its cover and pages, seeing to it that the magazine was interestingly edited with serials of novels and underscoring the need for the magazine to keep alive its features.

When visiting a factory, the President advised workers to read the magazine for its contents with many things to learn from and, when visiting a farm, took a measure to distribute the magazine to each sub-workteam.

And during his tour of a foreign country, he urged the accompanying officials to read the magazine on a regular basis in order to acquire ample knowledge about the national history, geography and customs.

Under his meticulous care and guidance, the magazine Chollima, published by the Art and Literature Publishing House, could play a big role in inspiring the local people to make a great upsurge in production and construction in the Chollima era.

Now the magazine has become one of the publications popular among the local people.

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