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S. Korean Authorities Slammed for Their Arrogant and Insolent Acts
Pyongyang, January 22 (KCNA) -- The National Defence Commission (NDC) of the DPRK made crucial proposals to the south Korean authorities to halt all acts of provoking and slandering the other side for establishing a climate for improved north-south relations.

However, the south Korean authorities are letting loose a spate of shameless remarks that "they have never slandered the north and it is the north which resorts to calumnies" and that "the north pulls up media over their normal activities." They went the length of crying out for "thoroughly

coping with possible provocations" and "retaliating" while terming the DPRK's crucial proposals "camouflaged peace offensive" and "propaganda offensive".

This is a rude act bereft of elementary etiquette toward the other party and, at the same time, an unpardonable provocation against all Koreans desirous of improved north-south relations, peace and prosperity, says Rodong Sinmun Wednesday in a commentary.

The commentary goes on: Through the crucial proposals of the NDC the DPRK showed broadminded

generosity to open-mindedly solve all issues arising in mending the north-south relations from the standpoint of By Our Nation Itself.

The south Korean authorities, however, did not drop confrontational attitude even a bit but seriously pulled up the north like the guilty party filing the suit first.

Their mean act of laying the blame for calumniation at the door of the DPRK is nothing but a scheme not to accept the crucial proposals of the NDC for improved relations between the north and the south.

They should clearly know that their arrogant and insolent acts are such a crime as ruining the opportunity to improve the north-south relations and driving the situation into an incontrollable catastrophe.

Whether the north-south relations are mended or not wholly depends on the attitude of the south Korean authorities.

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