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Production of Honggok Bean Paste Put on Industrial Basis
Pyongyang, January 21 (KCNA) -- The State Bacilli-Culture Institute of the State Academy of Sciences of the DPRK has succeeded in putting the production of Honggok bean paste on an industrial basis.

When grain is fermented with some kinds of mould, it become reddish and is called Honggok. Honggok contains bio-active substances considered to be ideal for making functional health foodstuff. The production of Honggok has depended on a traditional method of fermentation in the past.

But the institute developed a new technology to put its production on an industrial basis.

The Honggok bean paste is red or red brown and 2.5 times higher and 3.7 times higher than other kinds of bean pastes in amino nitrogen ingredients and sugar-reducing ingredients respectively.

As it is low in organic acid ingredients, it can be stored for six months.

The new technology also makes it possible to cut the production days by half.

The Honggok bean paste is efficient in preventing hypertension, diabetes, digestive troubles and other diseases.

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