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Minju Joson Terms U.S. Talk about "World without Nuclear Weapons" Hypocritical
Pyongyang, January 21 (KCNA) -- The James Martin center for non-proliferation studies of the U.S. recently issued a report saying that the U.S. would spend a trillion U.S. dollars for the modernization of strategic nuclear weapons in three decades to come. This proves once again that the U.S. policy of aggression for world domination with nuclear weapons will never change in the future, too.

Minju Joson Tuesday says this in a commentary.

It goes on:

Nuclear weapons have been important means for the U.S. to implement its world domination strategy since it produced nuclear weapons, the first of their kind in the human history, and used them.

U.S. President Obama talked a lot about "denuclearization" right after he came to power, and noisily advertised that there is a change in the U.S. strategy for dominating the world with nuclear weapons. He talked a great deal that it is the goal of the new administration to build a "world without nuclear weapons" and the U.S. would not pursue nuclear weapons any longer, creating the impression that the U.S. would steer the "denuclearization of the world".

However, the passage of time has proved that the U.S. talk about "world without nuclear weapons" is nothing but hypocrisy.

It is the scenario of the U.S. to modernize nuclear weapons by spending astronomical figures of funds behind the curtain of "denuclearization" and thus take a hegemonic position in the field of strategic offensive weapons.

Another purpose of the U.S. is to pull the noose of "nuclear disarmament" around the neck of the strategic rivals under the signboard of "denuclearization" and induce them to dismantle their nukes and thus retain the unchallenged nuclear edge.

The international community should clearly see through the nature of the U.S., arch nuclear criminal, and bring it to justice of history.

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