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Japan Urged to Behave with Discretion: News Analysis
Pyongyang, January 20 (KCNA) -- Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in a New Year interview let loose a string of reckless remarks aimed at Japan's militarization.

He said now is the time for Japan to begin with the work to restore "strong Japan" and discussion on the revision of the Constitution, in line with the change of the times, should be deepened among the people.

Such remarks can be made only by Abe, who is hell bent on moves for turning Japan into a military power and launching reinvasion.

From the very day of his assumption of power, he called for widely disseminating "Kimigayo", symbolic of militarism, saying it will be the "first stride to restore strong Japan".

He has repeated his assertion to restore "strong Japan" whenever opportunity presents itself, while clamoring that Japan should get rid of "postwar regime" and revise the "Pacifist Constitution".

"Strong Japan" loudmouthed by Abe means nothing but militarist Japan which ran amuck in the moves for a war of aggression on the Asian countries in the 20th century.

His call for revision of the "Constitution" is aimed to lay a legal foundation for reviving militarism in Japan and realizing the ambition for reinvasion.

In case the constitution is revised in favor of realizing the ambition, the Japanese reactionaries will not hesitate in taking the road of reinvasion.

The reality clearly shows that Japan still remains as an aggressor country posing a threat to peace and security in Asia and the rest of the world.

Japan's denial of crime-woven history and the frantic militarist remarks made by descendents of war criminals evokes serious concern among not only neighboring countries but even the allies of Japan.

Japanese reactionaries including Abe should be mindful that their persistent moves for the revival of militarism will lead Japan to ruin, not "strong one".

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