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Japan Slammed for Denying Past Sexual Slavery
Pyongyang, January 19 (KCNA) -- The Council for the Solution of the Issue of the Volunteers' Corps in south Korea in a commentary on Jan. 16 warned the Japanese government turning away its eyes from the sexual slavery committed by the Imperial Japanese Army.

Japanese politicians are letting loose a spate of reckless remarks increasing pain of the victims to the past sexual slavery, and presentation of the crimes related to sexual slavery is disappearing in history textbooks, the commentary charged.

The shameless act of Japan continuing to visit the Yasukuni Shrine which regards war criminals as the God is accused by the international community, it said.

To settle the issue of the sexual slavery committed by the Imperial Japanese Army is recognized as the task common to the international community, and voices critic of the Japanese government which has denied the crimes and blame for them are expanding into governments and parliaments of various countries of the world, it noted.

It warned the Japanese government continuing to turn away its eyes from the recommendation of the UN and other international bodies, resolutions of parliaments of different countries and the demand of all circles and civic organizations.

It urged the Japanese government to make an apology and reparation to the women who were taken away as sexual slaves and other victims to Japan's war of aggression and colonial rule.

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