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Soft Winter Weather Persists in Korea
Pyongyang, January 16 (KCNA) -- Soft winter weather is going on in Korea this year, with temperature being higher than last year.

According to weather experts, this winter in Korea is characterized with soft weather in general as compared with cold weather of recent years.

The average temperature early in January was registered 6.1 degrees below zero, 1.8 degrees Celsius higher than the average (7.9 degrees below zero) and 7.6 degrees higher than last year (13.7 degrees below zero).

The western coastal area of the DPRK experienced 6-1 degrees below zero, 2-3 degrees higher than the average, the northern inland area 15-6 degrees below zero, 1-3 degrees higher than the average, and the eastern coastal area 11 degrees below zero to 1 degree, 0-3 degrees higher than the average.

This average temperature is expected to go on in the country till the end of January.

Such weather phenomenon is due to the weakened influence of Northern high pressure, which failed to create winter atmospheric circulation field and started the winter season about one week later than the average, and the weak cold air from the North Pole.

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