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Korean People's Struggle Supported by Political Parties, Organizations of Nepal
Pyongyang, January 16 (KCNA) -- 17 Nepali political parties and organizations made public a joint statement on Jan. 8 in support of the New Year Address of supreme leader Kim Jong Un. They included the Nepal Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist), Nepal Communist Party (United), Nepali National Committee for Remembering President Kim Il Sung and Leader Kim Jong Il, Nepal-Korea Friendship Association, Nepal Institute for the Juche Studies and the Nepal Journalist Association for the Study of the Juche Idea and Songun Politics.

The statement expressed full support and solidarity with the Korean people in their struggle to make a fresh advance in the movement for national reunification, adding:

All Koreans in the north and the south and abroad should reject foreign forces and hold fast to the standpoint of By Our Nation Itself. It is necessary to uphold the principle of independence which is one of the three principles of national reunification and has been confirmed in the north-south joint declarations.

It is imperative to make positive efforts to defend national security and peace and establish a favorable climate for improved relations between the north and the south.

The Nepali people loving peace, together with the world progressives, hope that a durable peace will be achieved on the Korean peninsula.

The statement called upon whole world to make contributions to achieving independent and peaceful reunification of Korea by concerted efforts of the Korean nation and promoting the north-south relations in the idea of independence, democracy and reunification by getting foreign troops withdrawn from the Korean peninsula, stopping the reckless confrontation racket, opposing all joint military drills and sincerely implementing the historic June 15 North-South Joint Declaration.

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