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Aim Sought by Japanese Politicians in Visit to Yasukuni Shrine Disclosed
Pyongyang, January 15 (KCNA) -- Shindo, Japanese minister of Internal Affairs, after visiting Yasukuni Shrine on Jan. 1, said that he visited the shrine out of respect for the departed souls of those who lost their lives in wars and that he refreshed his desire for peace, hoping there would be no repetition of war.

Minju Joson Wednesday in a commentary observes: It is the true intention of the Japanese reactionaries like Shindo to lead Japan again to the war of aggression overseas by consoling the departed souls of war criminals in shrine and reviving memories of Japanese militarism.

Shindo said that he hardened the resolve not to fight a war again and that he keenly felt the value of peace. His remark is no more than a deceptive rigmarole to calm down the resentment of the international community against Japan.

Lurking behind the group visit to the shrine by the "gentlemen" of political circles in Japan is the purpose to rearm the Japanese people with "militarist patriotism" by creating the atmosphere of "respecting" and idolizing militarists. In a word, this is aimed to instill into Japanese the idea that they should turn out to "retake strong Japan", regarding it as "pride" and "honor" to fall like "Sakura" (cherry) in the military aggression overseas like the war dead.

The Japanese reactionaries should clearly understand that overseas aggression is not the way for Japan's prosperity, the commentary says, stressing the international community will never pardon Japan coming out for a war again.

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