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S. Korean Regime's Confrontational Racket under Fire
Pyongyang, January 14 (KCNA) -- All Koreans and all other peoples of the world are expressing full support for the proposal of the DPRK to open a new phase for the independent reunification, peace and prosperity this year.

However, the south Korean puppet regime only responded to the proposal by making remarks threatening the security and peace of the nation and staging provocative war drills.

The south Korean defense minister said that the "north may employ the double-dealing tactics" in clear reference to the DPRK's call for establishing a climate for improved inter-Korean ties.

He gave the commanders and staff officers of the units at different levels such instructions as to be fully ready to cope with the "provocation" from the DPRK.

Not content with crying out for the "merciless retaliation", the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff of south Korea revealed his nature of confrontation maniac by stressing the need for soldiers to have active and offensive disposition before anything else.

The south Korean chief executive even called for "defending the northern limit line" to instigate the warlike forces to the military confrontation.

Senior officials of the regime shifted the blame for the deteriorated inter-Korean ties last year on to the DPRK and urged the "denuclearization of the north" while saying that peace and reconciliation can never be realized with words only.

Reckless war exercises to invade the DPRK have been staged in succession along the frontline from the outset of the New Year.

The south Korean chief executive held a New Year press conference in which she again took issue with the north over the "nuclear issue" and proposed the settlement of the nuclear issue and the international cooperation as what she called a measure for laying the foundation of unification.

The south Korean minister of Foreign Affairs held a confab with the U.S. defense secretary to reaffirm the stance of keeping increasing the military capabilities to maintain the joint defense posture, and discussed the plan to mount a preemptive attack on the DPRK.

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