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More Meetings Vow to Carry Out Tasks Set Forth in New Year Address
Pyongyang, January 13 (KCNA) -- Agricultural workers and employees of institutions, factories and enterprises across the country held meetings to vow to carry out the important tasks set forth by Marshal Kim Jong Un in his New Year Address.

At the meetings oath-taking speeches followed reports.

Reporters and speakers said that Kim Jong Un's historic New Year Address instills the conviction of the bright future of the DPRK and revolutionary self-esteem into all service personnel and people and indicates a shortcut to making new leaping progress and innovations.

They expressed determination to boost the agricultural production, bearing in mind the policy of the party on keeping up agriculture as a major thrust of the on-going drive.

They called for improving animal husbandry and doing greenhouse vegetable and mushroom farming on an extensive scale so as to ensure that larger quantities of meat, vegetables and mushrooms are supplied to the people.

They mentioned the need to complete the reclamation on Honggon Island by concentrating all forces and means on the project and making the maximum use of vehicles and compressing equipment.

They said they would definitely put the economy on a modern and CNC basis, make it intensive in terms of science and technology and open a short-cut to the era of intellectual-based economy by directing efforts to developing ultra-modern science and technologies and intensifying researches into basic science.

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