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Letter to S. Korean Students
Pyongyang, January 11 (KCNA) -- The students' committee of Kim Chaek University of Technology Saturday sent a letter to the students of Korea University and all other students in south Korea in response to their widespread campaign of displaying wall papers "How are you," the campaign sweeping south Korea at present.

The letter noted that not big wall paper "How are you" displayed at Korea University at the end of last year is not a simple exchange of greetings, adding:

The wall paper represents the feelings of everyone who is not fine due to the misrule by the conservative forces which have driven the people's living into dire destitution and mercilessly violated democracy after seizing power through all sorts of wrong doings and high-handed practices.

This also reflects all university students' expression of pent-up grudge against the present situation in south Korea, a land of growing darkness and despair.

Students who should be engrossed in study full of enthusiasm and hope for their future, having a beautiful dream and idea, have to toil and moil and leave school halfway or commit suicides due to skyrocketing school expenses. This is the situation of south Korea.

"How are you" is a natural question raised by youth and students who value justice and truth and aspire after the new on behalf of the times and history and it speaks for the mindset of the public angered by the conservative ruling forces keen on reviving the fascist dictatorship and pursuing unpopular policies.

Seen everywhere in south Korea are wall papers reading "Not fine due to Park Geun Hye", "Not fine due to the moves for reviving the 'yusin' dictatorship" and "Fine only when Park Geun Hye steps down."

As all south Koreans answered the question of students, one can never be fine in south Korea where justice and truth are ruthlessly trampled down, democracy is violated and the people's living is in dire destitution due to the revival of "yusin" dictatorship.

"How are you" -- This phrase serves as a slogan of the struggle encouraging all south Koreans to turn out in resistance against dictatorship for democracy.

The just struggle of the students in the south for independence, democracy and reunification will surely bring a new society, new life to south Korea.

All youth and students in the northern half of Korea including Kim Chaek University of Technology will as ever fully support and encourage the righteous and sacred struggle of the students in the south for democracy against fascism.

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