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Japan's Official Apology and Reparation Demanded in S. Korea
Pyongyang, January 10 (KCNA) -- The Council for the Solution of the Issue of the Volunteers Corps in south Korea held the 1108th Wednesday rally outside the Japanese embassy in Seoul on Jan. 8 in demand of the settlement of the issue of sexual slavery for Imperial Japanese Army.

At the rally speakers said that 22 years have passed since the start of the struggle demanding the solution to the issue of sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army but the issue has not yet been settled.

Many Korean women whose chastity had been mercilessly violated by the Japanese imperialists left this world with their grudge unsettled and survivors are still undergoing pain but the Japanese government has refused to make even apology, they deplored, adding:

A whole string of vituperations justifying the sexual slavery are heard from Japan and war criminals are extolled through visits to Yasukuni Shrine.

They demanded the Japanese government admit the past crimes and make apology and reparation for them as early as possible and urged the present regime to take positive measures to ensure that Japan honestly come out for settling the above-said issue.

South Koreans will stage positive actions to build a reunified, peaceful world free from war so that their descendants may not suffer damage and pain again, they declared.

A statement was read out at the rally.

The statement vehemently condemned Japan for working hard to distort history and revive militarism far from implementing the just demands for the settlement of the above-said issue such as admission of the crimes related to sexual slavery, official apology and legal reparation for them and punishment of war criminals.

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