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Entire Korean Nation, Driving Force for National Reunification
Pyongyang, January 10 (KCNA) -- There is nothing more important for the Korean nation than achieving national reunification.

Marshal Kim Jong Un in his New Year Address said that the driving force for national reunification is all the members of the Korean nation in the north, in the south and abroad.

The Korean nation is the homogeneous one of the same blood and same language that has lived on the same land for thousands of years.

The national division, forced by outside forces, has inflicted all sorts of sufferings upon the Korean people for nearly 70 years, endangering their homogeneity as the same nation. For this reason, it is most urgent for the Korean nation to reunify the country.

Therefore, it is quite natural for all Koreans to be masters of the reunification movement.

The national reunification is a pan-national struggle to put an end to domination and interference of outside forces and defending the national sovereignty.

From olden times, the Korean nation has pooled strength, courage and wisdom in the struggle for defending the national sovereignty. So, it is intolerable shame for them to see its sovereignty is infringed upon by outside forces.

There is no one to bring the reunification of the country on the Korean nation.

The driving force for Korea's reunification is the Korean nation itself and the reunification issue should be settled independently as desired by the Korean people.

The June 15 reunification era proved that only when all the Koreans turn out in the struggle for national reunification, keenly aware of their responsibility for it, can they bring earlier the day of reunification.

All the Korean people in the north, the south and abroad should get united close in the spirit of By Our Nation Itself to strengthen the driving force for national reunification and further enhance its might.

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