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Falsity of Plotted Rebellion Case Exposed
Pyongyang, January 9 (KCNA) -- The south Korean internet newspaper Voice of People carried an editorial titled "There was no plot of rebellion" on Wednesday.

The latest trial opened to the public a recorded lecture which was allegedly given in May last year. It was described as a key proof of the plotted rebellion by the Unified Progressive Party, the editorial said, adding:

The prosecutor bluffed before playing back the recorded lecture that the data will prove the verdict of guilty but the results gave the lie to all the data the authorities raised to charge the party with plotting a rebellion.

Listening to the recorded lecture, those who attended the trial and reporters found out with not much difficulty several incoherent spots.

Commenting on this, the Intelligence Service and the prosecution argued that those were not intentional mistakes but in fact, the mistaken part was not just a few words.

As for the atmosphere of the place where the lecture was given, laughing voices of people and crying voices of children could be heard there, a place apparently unsuitable for plotting a rebellion.

The recorded data, called the key proof of the case, was ascertained to be a fake, proving the non-existence of such case as the plotted rebellion.

The editorial expressed hope that those detained on false charges will be set free at an early date.

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